Process of Component repair


Aqueous Cleaning/Degreasing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Wet/Dry Blasting.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection.


Visual & dimensional inspection in accordance with engine manual criteria.


CNC Milling, CNC Grinding, E.D.M.

Vacuum & Hydrogen Fluoride Heat Treatment

Advanced Braze Repairs


Plasma & Laser Cladding, Tungsten Inert Gas.

Surface Finish

Blending, Vibro Polish Wet/Dry Blast.

Coatings Removal & Re-application

Aluminising, SermaLoy J, Thermal Barrier Ceramic Coating, Electron-Beam Physical Vapour Deposition (EB PVD)

Laboratory Facility

Metallographic examination.

CMM Inspection


Support Service

TRT has a small inventory of RB211 & Trent Turbine Blades & Nozzle Guide Vanes.  Please contact us using the link provided if you have any enquiries regarding the supply of these component types.

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The challenge to TRT, the repair provider, is to deliver a component from the repair process that provides an alternative to replacement with new at a fraction of the cost.

As demand increases for the more sophisticated materials that can withstand more strenuous operating environments, restoring a component for a further life demands the application of the latest technology.

Investment in technology is essential to optimise today, and deliver tomorrow’s value to our customers. With the support of our Joint Venture partners TRT has continued to invest in state-of-the-art technology and capability.  

Airworthiness Approvals

TRT is recognised by the EASA, CAAC, FAA & Rolls-Royce and has been granted approvals based on the continuation of the audit procedures of the regulatory bodies. TRT has BS/ISO Approvals.

TRT supplies all fully repaired components with airworthiness approved release certification (EASA Form 1 & FAA 8130-3 & CAAC 038). All components are supplied to the customer in accordance with the criteria of the certificates listed below.

EASA Approval Certificate
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CAA Approval Certificate
View Approval
TCCA Approval Certificate
View Approval
FAA Approval Certificate
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CAAC Approval Certificate
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BSI - ISO 9110:2018 & AS9110C Approval Certificate
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Rolls-Royce Approval Certificate
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Rolls-Royce Approval Certificate (BR710 & BR715
View Approval
NADCAP Approval - Heat Treating
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NADCAP Approval - Non-Destructive Testing
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NADCAP Approval - Welding
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NADCAP Approval - Coatings
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Component Repair Capabilities

Regional and Small Business Jet

Tay 620
Tay 650

Industrial Derivative


Civil Large Engines

Trent 500
Trent 700
Trent 800
Trent 900
Trent 1000